Inguge Releases a Video Explainer for Financial Intelligence Platform

The Inguge team is happy to release another tailor-made video explainer for a financial intelligence platform that brings all your investments, including Alternatives and Illiquid assets, into one elegant view for Copia Wealth Studios.

Copia Wealth Studios Project

Inguge is well known as the leading video production maker specializing in creating awesome animations and motion designs for explainer videos or other digital products in a variety of industries, including finances.

Financial intelligence is their niche, which is not surprising since Inguge has been dealing with numerous financial technology design cases along the way. Thus, their next animated design project was accomplished for a financial intelligence solution called Copia.

About the Project

Copia Wealth Studios is a financial intelligence platform that provides wealth management services using modern design and machine learning.

‘The goal of the team was to create a video that would explain to the target audience how Copia helps them track investments, as well as how it helps easier interact and track user investments and provides pieces of advice based on machine learning.’ – admits the team

Some project sketches

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Copia animation

To produce a high-quality animated video solution for Copia’s specialized platform that continuously and proactively finds top-use advantages and other product features, the team managed to come up with fresh branded visuals to create storyboards, style frames, animation, and sound design for the project.

The team has already developed into one of the most reputable and trustworthy in the animated design business thanks to its many successful projects in Fintech, financial intelligence and security, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and many other financial and non-financial industries, which makes it a reliable video production provider.

About Us

Over the years, Inguge has developed into one of Poland’s most reputable and authoritative animation studios. More than 200 companies worldwide have benefited from the successful completion of several projects since 2013, including SwissFinLab, Kidkin, Vishay, Nexus, Codio, Pipedrive, Huawei, Google, Atlassian, and many others.

Marketing, training, education, entertainment, finances, cybersecurity, and many other industries’ needs are why Inguge produces top-notch 2D and 3D animation graphics and explainer movies.

The award-winning animation production firm based in Warsaw provides an extensive range of animated video production services, including project research, scriptwriting, storyboarding, drawings, animation, voicing, and sound design all in one, which is why Inguge remains the most gifted team among the top animation studios in Poland and worldwide.

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