About us

Inguge Studio is an animation video production company based in Kent/ United Kingdom. We produce explainer videos to help companies transfer their message to customers, spice up an online presence, and stand out from competitors. We proudly partner with creative marketing agencies, startups, and enterprises all over the globe.

Our team brings together award-winning creative directors, animators, and producers (Most of them are Ravensbourne University  graduate. Our great advantage is a professional voiceover group, so you can always find a native speaker from the target country or region.

Your brand deserves a high quality explainer video. Don’t be shy, we’re here to help.

An individual approach to every

We guarantee an individual approach to your business. We produce the video considering your vision and business goals as the primary guide-points. Our experts will create your requirements outline and help you choose the right format, style, and visuals for the video. Together we will make the video with bold storytelling, engaging illustrations, excellent character design, and exciting innovation.

Why use animated videos in business

Some additional complicated features are available only in premium packages. For example, if you want your video built on a special storyboard before creating illustrations, choose the package Basic or up. The package starting from Standard allows you to add the FX sound to the visuals and multilingual audiotracks. The Pro plan removes all borders and includes logo animation and complicated visuals.

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