Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

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We offer several distinct packages, each of which is at a different price point. If anything is unclear, please get in touch with us, and we will set up a meeting to discuss the best options on a specific project. 

We do deliver the voiceover. Depending on the package, it may have a single language or multilingual options. We offer unlimited video revisions to ensure 100% satisfaction with this part of the process. 

Apart from our professional attention to detail, all packages include a detailed requirements review, script, storyboard, and original motion design or animation visuals. Options for music and voiceover are also included in most packages. 

Yes, Inguge scriptwriters put together the script for every video produced by our team. We aim to break concepts down into easy-to-understand chunks aimed at the right target audience on every project. 

We begin every project with a client meeting, and we seek feedback at every stage. The process begins with a script and then moves into storyboarding. Once the client approves the storyboard, we start the animation process for the explainer video. 

Concurrently with animation, we also source the video’s voiceover, music, and sound. That way, we can create the stunning final explainer video once all the pieces are complete. 

Yes, we have professionals available to handle any text needs. Additionally, we can use a clients text to reduce production costs for the explainer video. If a client chooses this option, our team edits the text to suit the video. 

First, our clients schedule a call to discuss the project. During this call, we need a budget, timeline, and other business details. It is also helpful if clients bring a clear understanding of their requirements, business goals, audience, and explainer video preferences.  

We will not commence work before signing a contract. 

Inguge bases prices on the details of each project. We calculate costs using a mix of cost per minute and a la carte extras in the process. Examples of extras include video style, characters, script, and unique music. Please connect with us to discuss the project. 

Typically, the video creation timeline is two to four weeks. However, some explainer videos may require a longer timeline for topic research or specialty visuals. 

Our animation and motion design studio offers several styles, including freehand drawing, minimalism outlining, handcrafted, and others. Clients may choose the style that best suits their project. 

Yes, the team can use company-generated voiceover text, either as the script if it is in text or as an audio file if it has already been recorded. We can provide a more accurate estimate at the beginning of the project since the script will allow us to calculate the timing. 

If a company provides a script, we can estimate the final length at the start of the project. If a script must be developed, we analyse all the requirements and approximate the video length. In our experience, the length of the video is among the most significant factors in production costs. 

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