About the Animated Explainer Video Process 

Consider the common ways businesses communicate, whether with employees or customers. The first is text, which can be dense and challenging to understand. The second option is video, with its planning and helpful visuals. Typically, everyone finds video more engaging! 

Video tends to be the better option for communicating ideas and innovative concepts since more people can engage with it. The screen’s visuals and audio address multiple learning styles simultaneously. 

The best thing about explainer videos from Inguge is that they can be used everywhere. Companies can use them for marketing, employee education or onboarding, FAQs, and more, all to maximize the ROI. 

Inguge offers complete video explainer production services in either motion graphics or animation. Our process consists of several phases, and we seek customer feedback at each stage before beginning the next.  

We believe that our dedication and incorporation of feedback results in better explainer videos our clients love using. After all, the project represents a company’s story, services, or products, and the employees know that product best. 

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